The first step after reinforcing greenhouses is transferring appropriate seedlings into the greenhouse. Managing the costs of projects until the crops are harvested and sold depends on having good and disease-free seedlings. Fulfilling such needs can only be possible through the use of modern science and technology in seed growth substrates. Hatam Agro Company offers the following services:

۱- Educating the issues related to seedling (educational CDs and training courses)

۲- Providing seedlings for farmers with pre-orders

۳- Conducting feasibility studies and establishing greenhouses for the production of virus-free seedlings

Benefits of seedling

Premature crops, cultivations will be free from any pests and likely diseases and lack of food and physiological anomalies, saving the costs (in energy and seed consumption), using the modern cultivation systems (like hydroponic and in-substrate), better germination for seeds and unity of cultivation, taking advantage of the early markets in season, reducing the production time, increasing production, plants’ resistance against environmental tensions.

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